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Implementation of these guidelines is ultimately the responsibility of individual trusts, service users and professionals. However, it is recognised that implementation is more successful if it is supported.

Therefore, both the NCCMH and NICE support implementation of the guidelines in a variety of ways. The NCCMH has a guidelines implementation advisor who is involved in the development of the guidelines from an early stage and occupies a bridging position between development and implementation of each guideline. The advisor brings detailed knowledge of the guideline development group (GDG) to the implementation strategy and also advises the GDG about the barriers and contextual issues surrounding implementing guidelines. When the guideline has been developed, NICE produces a support programme based around a suite of tools including costing tools and implementation advice. The implementation advisor at the NCCMH works both with the team at NICE, and independently, to help put the guidelines into practice.

The NCCMH is the first of the seven national collaborating centres for England and Wales to employ an implementation advisor. The benefits of the role have been widely recognised and other centres are looking to establish an equivalent position. The flexibility of the role allows NCCMH to choose strategies best suited to a particular guideline, which may include some of the following activities:

  • Organising conferences
  • Developing training materials and events
  • Producing online interactive tools
  • Creating and aiding distribution of leaflets for service users and carers
  • Producing information cards for healthcare professionals
  • Writing articles for journals, newsletters and other publications
  • Producing slideshows or talks about the guideline
  • Liaising with the media on the coverage of the guidelines.

If you are interested in working with the NCCMH to support the implementation of any of the guidelines, or if you are interested in receiving any of the implementation resources (leaflets, PowerPoint presentations or NICE guideline materials), please contact Beth Shackleton at or on 020 7977 6673.

Implementation resource


Service User leaflets


Self Harm in young people

PDF icon

Self Harm in adults

PDF icon

Depression in Children

PDF icon

Eating Disorders in young people

PDF icon

Eating Disorders in adults

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Information for health care professionals’ cards


Bipolar disorder

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Training tools




Internet interactive tools


Depression and Anxiety quiz for GPs


NICE implementation tools


Generic implementation tools:

- Forward planner
- ‘How to’ guide to implementation
- Horizon scanning
- Audit advice


Guideline specific implementation tools:

- Costing tools
- Implementation advice
- Audit criteria
- Slide sets
- Educational tools
- Interventional procedures arrangements
















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