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Papers related to guideline development

Pilling, S., & Price, K. (2006). Developing and implementing clinical guidelines: lessons from the NICE Schizophrenia Guideline. Epidemiologia E Psichiatria Sociale, 15, 109-116.

Kendall, T.J.G., Pilling, S., Whittington, C., Pettinari, C., & Burbeck, R. (2005). Clinical Guidelines in Mental Health II: a guide to making NICE Guidelines. Psychiatric Bulletin, 29, 3-8.

Kendall, T.J.G, Pilling, S., Pettinari, C., & Whittington, C. (2004). Clinical Guidelines in Mental Health I: The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health. Psychiatric Bulletin, 28, 156-159.

Pilling, S., Dutchak, J., McInnes, E., et al. (2004). NICE clinical guidelines - Account of guideline development was inadequate, BMJ, 329 (7465), 571-572.

Conference Posters/Papers/Presentations

Kendall, T., Pilling, S., Whittington, C., & Burbeck, R. (2005). Confusing clinicians: avoidable and systematic distortions in the translation of the evidence-base into clinical practice. Discussion workshop given at the third G-I-N Conference, Lyon, France, 5-7 December.

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